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  • Financial Aid Forms

    The FAFSA and the CSS Profile are the two main forms required to become eligible for need-based financial aid in the United States. Please take note how it does NOT show anywhere on either site the formulas used to produce your EFC (Expected Family Contribution). In fact, they only tell you about potential errors that could be lowering your EFC. They conveniently leave out the potential errors increasing your EFC. 123College Senior Counselors know exactly how every line on the forms will affect how much you're expected to pay for college.

  • Scholarship Search

    These are free outside scholarship search sites tested by our Senior Counselors. You may NOT want to apply for outside scholarships if you qualify for need-based aid. Some college and universities will deduct the amount of aid they provide should you be awarded an outside scholarship. Please consult with a 123College Senior Counselor for more information. Here are the sites to apply for outside college scholarships and grants.

  • ACT / SAT Test Preparation

    The SAT and ACT board exams are required for admission to most major college and universities. The following companies are the most reputable in the board exam test preparation industry. 123College provides Kaplan’s top of the line self-study guide book, cd-rom with practice tests, and online access to the Kaplan site to chat with real live Kaplan tutors to all students who subscribe.

  • Federal Student Loans

    Federal student loans are a part of almost every financial aid package. Some of them are considered true forms and financial aid while others are not. In many instances, it may take the guidance of a Senior Counselor to distinguish which loans are best for your family. Since July of 2010, the Federal Government has taken control of all new Federal student loans such as the Stafford, SEOG, Perkins, and PLUS. It no longer pays to shop around for interest rates for these loans as they are all the same. You should apply for the 0.25% interest rate reduction on some Federal loans by utilizing the direct deposit program.

  • Private Student Loans

    Private student loans are an alternative payment source for parents and students. These programs should be used as a last resort before using retirement dollars. 123College Senior Counselors have helped thousands of families avoid having to take out private loans by using various college planning techniques.