Why 123 College?

  • Would you like to avoid being buried in student loans after graduation?

    The average student has $25,000 to repay in student loans after graduation. 123College helps find you the schools that provide the grants and scholarships to avoid these loans.
  • Have you chosen not to apply to certain colleges or universities because of their high sticker prices?

    Sticker prices are meaningless in many instances. It's possible to go to a prestigious private university for the same price or even less than a state school. It's all based on how much financial aid each school provides. 123College spends the largest part of our operating budget obtaining and updating the costs and amounts of financial aid provided by more than 4000 colleges and universities. We provide a customized report so you'll know exactly how much each school costs you, not just a meaningless sticker price.
  • Did your parents not set aside enough money for college?

    Most parents can afford to save enough for college costs. Even if your parents took out a 529 plan, it will not cover all of your expenses while in school. 529 plans can actually be assessed against your parents in the financial aid formulas. Any savings you have can be assessed too! 123College Senior Counselors have the financial expertise to put you in the best situation to avoid suffering through these hefty assessments.
  • Are you undecided on a major or field of study?

    On average, 15% of entering freshman drop out of college in the 1st semester. It's important to figure out something that you not only enjoy doing, but also excel at academically before you get to college. 123College provides a 2-hour long personality profile and aptitude test to help you find a major or field of study.
  • Have you fully prepared yourself to take the SAT /ACT board exams?

    Generally speaking, what you score on these exams is more important than your entire high school career. The only way schools can compare apples to apples is by these exams scores because high schools have different curricula. 123College provides you with Kaplan's top-of-the-line self study guidebook, cd-rom with practice tests, and online access to the Kaplan site with where you can chat with real live Kaplan tutors.
  • Have you been applying for outside private scholarships?

    These may actually hurt your financial aid package if you qualify for need-based aid. These types of scholarships represent about 2% of the aid available. Most of the time they are "pizza money", or not enough to make a real difference. 123College focuses on finding you inside scholarships awarded by the schools themselves from endowments and the government. Billions of dollars went unclaimed last year alone.
  • Do you plan on getting a job while your studying attending a college or university?

    You may get less financial aid for college if you work your senior year of high school or while you're in college. 123College keeps you informed and notifies you if you're earning too much. We want you to get the most student financial aid possible.

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