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Do I Need a Professional to Help With College Planning?

College planning can be a stressful process for future students and parents. The admissions and tuition process for many schools can be a complex maze that seems impossible to navigate. Working with for your college planning needs can help you and your family apply effectively to your dream schools. has a team of over 700 college planners to help you and your family walk through the labyrinth of requirements for college admissions. Each college planner is trained and experienced, analyzing every requirement for a college and helping you get all the necessary paperwork ready before all due dates. is here for all of you and your family's major decisions. can help you find the college best-suited to your child’s desired field of study, the colleges that are more affordable for you, and the college with the right amenities and resources for your child’s needs. Most importantly, is here to help you and your family find the best financial route to maximize your college expenditure savings.

Besides admission forms, tuition is one of the major concerns for many people applying to college. Financial aid forms are one of the top forms a college planner can help you with. Schools happily tell parents and students how much their tuition per semester costs, but never how to pay for that tuition. With college tuition rising every single year, more students need to take out financial aid, scholarships, or grants to afford the cost of their college education. However, many of these forms are complex and every line on them can affect how much aid a student receives per college semester. A planner can help you fill out popular and required financial aid forms, like the FAFSA, so that you and your family can receive all the financial assistance you need for school.

Perhaps you are considering working directly with each individual college admissions office for your prospective colleges. Couldn't you work through the college offices yourself and just ask your financial advisor for tuition information, since college is a financial investment? If this is your initial thought or strategy, you may be surprised to find that many admissions offices only really inform you about the due dates of certain forms and provide answers to only basic, objective questions instead of actually providing much-needed directional help and guidance. College admissions office staff simply do not provide advice or insight, for example, on filling out admission forms. In addition, a private financial advisor does not know how to properly fill in every detail on a FAFSA and other college-specific financial form. Financial advisors are also not trained in recognizing what colleges or college programs are good opportunities for you or how to effectively apply to schools.

At the end of the day, college admissions and financial aid offices work for a college, not you or your family. They do not provide adequate information to help you apply and receive financial aid. Contact today to work with one of our college planners to ensure the best college choice for your family and for your child’s ultimate future career success.