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123College.com is twenty years old and one of the largest nationwide college planning companies. Since 1994, we have been your source for college planning information. We assist your student for all undergraduate years with: board exam test preparation, choosing a major, choosing a college or university, financial aid negotiations, FAFSA / CSS Profile filing, and maximize your financial aid eligibility to get the most grants and scholarships.


Why 123College is the Perfect Partner for Guidance Counselors and Financial Aid Officers

Guidance counselors and college financial aid officers are a part of your child’s educational team, and play specific roles in helping him/her get into college. 123 College supplements their efforts and provides services that they often can not. Guidance counselors can help students research schools, get information about the SAT or ACT, and help them with the application process.


However, what is the most financially beneficial way for parents to actually pay for college? And how can they position themselves to receive the most financial aid possible? These are questions that the vast majority of guidance counselors cannot answer. Why, because guidance counselors are great educational professionals, but they are not licensed financial professionals. Guidance counselors can certainly help you fill out forms, but when filing the FAFSA or CSS Profile a financial professional trained in college planning would be able to go beyond that and offer legal strategies that help to maximize financial aid eligibility.


Similarly, financial aid officers can give you information about their specific college and help you fill out forms. However, what school in your chosen area is the best financial choice for your child? This is not a question that financial aid officers often answer. Why, because they may be experts on their school but it is not their job to give students a cost comparison and send them to another school if it happens to be a better financial choice. Financial aid officers work for their schools, whereas our only allegiance is to your family.


Why Your Financial Advisor May be Hazardous to Your Wealth

It is not a good idea to see your financial advisor about college planning unless your advisor understands every line on the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms. The financial advisor can’t possibly put you in the proper investments without such expertise. 123 College spends hundreds of thousands of dollars obtaining and updating the data necessary for you to make sound college planning decisions. Please make sure any financial professional can clearly explain each line of the FAFSA or CSS Profile before taking any of their college planning advice.


Why 123 College?

123 College works closely with all of our senior counselors to make sure you are getting the best advice for your family. We produce a 75 to 90 page Student Profile Report that clearly explains how all of your income and assets affect how much you are expected to pay for college. We do all of this before your student even sends in an application to a school. Would you like to know exactly how much the colleges and universities are going to cost you before you apply? Would you like to know how to position your assets to keep from spending your retirement dollars?


“15 Minutes could SAVE YOU THOUSANDS in college costs”

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